• We will propose the most optimum and proper risk management solution for various businesses.
  • We aim to build up Global Risk Management Scheme for the corporations doing business in Global Market.
  • We assist and support the captive formation and its operations.

Our services


In order to realize more effective utilization of capital in various business sectors and to respond to the occurrence of uncertain loss, the captive as a method of risk financing has been broadly accepted for reinforcing the management base in Western business society. So, we support you to form and to run the captive.


We provide the reinsurance scheme and secure the coverage for ensuring the sound and stable financial conditions of captive established in foreign country.

Risk Management

Under the circumstance of the competitive business among the cutting-edge technologies, we can observe the dramatical changes in various risks relating to business activities. We think that more sensitivities on appropriate risk assessment is of the essence of the basic approach to corporate management.

Risk Survey

By carrying out risk survey on manufacturing plant or large scale of commercial facility by the professional engineer, we propose the more optimized approach for improvement of hazardous status with the engineering report. You can utilize this report as a risk analysis for arrangement of your insurance program in an appropriate manner for bargaining with your insurers.



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